Vibrant Team's Work In Uganda

Once called ‘the Pearl of Africa’ by Winston Churchill, Uganda is a lush green land that is currently rebuilding its infrastructure following  the dictatorship of Idi Armin in the 1970’s, which led to economic collapse and civil war. In more recent years, World Vision reports that Uganda is the country worst affected in the world by HIV/AIDS.

Because of all of these factors, Uganda is the youngest country in the world, 50% of Uganda’s population are under 14, with more orphans than any other nation. It seems a hopeless situation for children to grow up in.

But there is hope and plenty of it! ‘From the sewers of a country without hope, Uganda has steadily risen to one of the best performing countries on the African Continent.’ Part of the hope for Uganda’s future is the thriving church which pervades the culture.  As respected leaders in Ugandan society, Pastors have played a leading role in rebuilding Uganda, based on biblical and moral grounds. The work of the Vibrant team aims to support these pastors, with a specific focus on their children’s ministry

Since 2004, the Vibrant team have travelled from the UK, to encourage children in their Christian faith in their schools, orphanages and churches and to train children’s leaders through the Vibrant Pastors and Sunday School training Institute, the first training facility specifically set up for children’s leaders in Uganda. 

 As a result of training they have received, leaders have been encouraging children to use their gifts in the church and beyond. One example is a 14 year old orphan boy, who was invited to speak in a conference in Amsterdam for the organisation which sponsors the children’s village where he lives.  An example of what can happen in a child’s life, which lives in a seemingly hopeless situation in Uganda.

Proceeds from the Vibrant Gospel Choir’s performances will be used to further the ongoing work of the Vibrant Team in Uganda. 

The Vibrant Choir Director Nicky Plumbley is also President of the Vibrant Training Institute and the Vibrant Team leader.

If you’d like to know more about the work of the Vibrant Team in Uganda or how the monies raised by the Vibrant Gospel Choir will be used to continue this work, please contact Nicky on 0208 941 1916 or 07811 949963.