Choir Director: Nicky Plumbley

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Nicky has experience in setting up and developing adult and children's
choirs in both the UK and Uganda.

She travels annually to Uganda (see the Vibrant Team's work in Uganda) and having heard the sound of Gospel singing ‘in the raw’ in villages while she has been in Africa, has a passion to bring this ‘sound of wall-to-wall sunshine’ back to the UK!

The Vibrant Gospel Choir reflects what she has learnt from Gospel singers in Uganda, bringing the opportunity for choir members to learn sing an authentic expression of this infectious and joyous genre.

Photo: Richmond Music and Arts Festival 2015


Locally, Nicky works for Singing Hands as a tutor, working with pre school children in classes run for local families, at
children’s centres, nurseries, and local schools. Singing and signing nursery rhymes, playing games and telling stories using Makaton sign language in these setting enables children and their families to learn to sign and they can use this skill to aid pre verbal language communication in very young children. Learning to sign using Makaton is a life skill that some children with special and additional needs find very useful as they begin to communicate in their early years and it has been a great privilege to watch children learn to speak through first learning to sign.

Nicky is a qualified adult education tutor and an experienced after schools club teacher in both Richmond and Kingston Boroughs. She plays seven instruments and teaches piano lessons at Hillsound Music Shop, Hampton Hill.