Vibrant Gospel Choir

Do you sing in the shower, along to the radio in your car, pottering around the house and long for an opportunity to develop your voice and sing with others? Fancy the chance to learn to sing contemporary Gospel music in a friendly setting, where your voice won’t be judged and you can join the choir whatever your singing ability?

The Vibrant Gospel Choir is based in Hampton, South West London and open to experienced singers who are used to performing and those who sing when no one else is listening! Music will be taught by ear, so the ability to read sheet music is not necessary. Singing parts will be recorded during rehearsals so members can rehearse during the week and learn their parts without the need to be able to read music in order to memorise their parts. There will be no auditions to join the choir.

Joining the Vibrant Gospel Choir gives members the opportunity to learn to sing this infectious and uplifting genre and become part of a local community of singers. The choir is based and run on a Christian ethos and is open to those who want to sing about their Christian faith and for those who love the gospel sound and want to experience and enjoy singing this expressive and joyful vibe.

The Vibrant Gospel Choir was formed in September 2014, and our first performance was on 14th December 2014 at Hampton Square where we sang as part of the community Christmas celebrations. The choir are seen here at the Hampton Youth Project, where we rehearsed before our performance in Hampton Square.

In March 2015, we entered the Richmond Music and Arts Festival, where we were runners up in our class, scoring 84-86/100 and very encouraging comments!

We will be singing at Hampton Carnival in June and Our Big Gig in Hampton Square on 12 July 2015. Then on 17th October at The Hampton Pub, Hampton Square, where we will be singing at a fundraising event raising money for the on going work of the Vibrant team in Uganda.

This is part of the Music and Arts Festival which will be running in Richmond Borough as Twickenham Stadium is hosting the Rugby World Cup and will be widely advertised throughout the Borough.

As part of developing the Vibrant Gospel Choir in the UK, Andrea Encinas (Arts Director: British Gospel Arts - the UK's leading provider of Gospel training, linked to London Community Gospel Choir) has ran a workshop with the choir to prepare them for entering the Richmond Music and Arts Festival March 2015. She will run workshops with the choir in the future, which will help polish our developing style!

In March 2015, members of The Vibrant Gospel Choir attended a local workshop which was run by Ken Burton (Judge of BBC Choir of the Year and BBC Gospel Choir of the Year.)

With 150 local singers all singing in four part Gospel harmony we were set up for a great day's singing, which culminated in a concert on a local church. Ken posed for a photo with choir members during the lunch break, and asked Nicky if she would enter the choir in the BBC Gospel Choir of the year! The choir were relieved to hear her reply that we only formed in September 2014 and were not yet ready for national competition - but never say never!!

The Vibrant Gospel Choir is a fundraising choir, raising money to support the annual mission of the Vibrant Team in Uganda, where we train children's leaders. See Vibrant Team's Work In Uganda for details

Want to know more? Contact Choir Director Nicky Plumbley on 0208 941 1916 or 07811 949963